Writing a thesis is a huge responsibility. It requires months of dedication and hard work. No matter how resourceful your thesis is, if the hardcover of your thesis doesn’t look good, then it might create a bad impression on your professor’s mind. So, you need to focus on dissertation printing and binding to make it look attractive.

What things should you keep in mind?

You should first decide whether you want to print in black and white or colored. It depends on your budget because colored printing will cost more. The thesis happens to be pretty thick, so you need to have a good budget for color printing. Sometimes people choose to color print only the diagrams and tables. If you make your thesis too colorful, then it might not look very professional. So, you need to keep in mind that too.

Factors to consider when printing

In most printing shops you will get 80g/m2 paper quality. If you choose paper of this quality, then the reverse side may shine through. For something better, you should go for 100g/m2. For printing York uses the premium quality paper for dissertation printing, so your thesis looks amazing.

Type of binding

For dissertation binding, you need to consider what type of binding you want to do. After printing York can help you in binding too. There are several binding options which include spiral binding, leather binding, and thermal binding. Spiral binding is for a thesis that is not very thick. It is a cheap option too. So, if the number of pages is low then you can go for this type of dissertation binding.

If your thesis is thick then the leather binding will be the best choice. It is hard and will keep the papers in good condition. It also gives a very professional image and feels good to hold. If you want something in between then you can consider doing the thermal binding. This type of binding has a leather-like cover at the back and a thick tape on one side. It is cheaper than leather binding.

For printing York can be the right choice as they have the best quality paper and printer. You can also do a dissertation binding from here. Make sure your dissertation printing is of top quality so that your professor feels comfortable reading it. A good-looking thesis will help to get a good grade by impressing your professor.