Buying fast and high-quality printing products is no longer a special case; Much more is expected from the printing centre. Good communication comes first – your printing centre should understand your needs well, develop and explain good solutions, make your job easier and save time.
Today, the number of printing centre offering printing services to a certain standard has increased considerably; It is no longer difficult to get the print jobs done in a reasonable time and to buy proper products. However, the function of the printing centre is no longer limited to this; The fast and quality presentation of the printing products to the customer is seen as a minimum requirement. The printing centre tends to go beyond the “define product – get offer – evaluate – place an order” process.

In order for your printing centre to offer you more, you may wish to meet your expectations below:
Does your printing centre know you? The printing centre where you work should know your company and department not only your sector but also know their needs and expectations. It should comprehend the purpose of the print jobs you order and produce solutions accordingly, and should be able to offer you new suggestions if necessary.

Is your publishing house with you? The printing centre you work with should care to communicate with you accurately and quickly. You must be a competent customer and sales representative who will be with you for your projects that you need to tell face to face, will monitor the production of your orders and inform you, you can reach easily.

Does your printing centre monitor processes? When it comes to printing services, it is very important for you to know what stage you are in; sometimes trying to follow it can take a lot of time and effort. However, your printing centre should monitor the process itself and inform you regularly – whether your request for proposal has reached the printing centre, has it been processed, what are the things you expect very urgently, to whom it has been delivered to the building, questions must be answered by you before you ask.

Does your print shop know what it does for you? When you want to make an analysis of your printed material consumption, you need a lot of data when you try to create a printing budget. Which product, how often and at what unit prices did you buy? How many tons of paper did you consume? What was the delivery rate of your orders on time? When you want to access such information, your print shop should be able to help you and even present such information regularly, in reports.

Does your printing centre make your job easier? Proposal, order, approval processes related to printed materials cause a significant amount of correspondence within the company and therefore a waste of time. Your print shop should prevent this loss, make it easier for you to spend more time on your own business, by simplifying, automating processes, and enabling them to run from the internet.

Does your printing centre do world-class business? In particular, supplier standards of international institutions contain more and more criteria; They expect their suppliers to comply with many global standards like themselves, and they want to work with suppliers that comply with them. These include many issues such as environmental awareness, respect for employees, fair treatment, and transparency of all financial movements. Your printing centre must comply with these standards; In addition, it should work to strengthen its own institutionalization, have measurable and traceable systems and constantly improve its understanding of service.