Lamination literally means covering the surface of the paper with surface protective material. Therefore, the shortest answer to the question of what is lamination in printing today is; surface coating can be. Surface coating processes can be done in many different ways, using many different materials.

Quality and durability time increase in printing products that apply lamination. Surface coating materials that can be applied as semi-matt, matt or glossy can be used in different ways upon request. Surface coating materials to be applied to printed materials should always be covered with the coating material required by the paper. Lamination, which is the most used and first thought surface coating material, is a high quality surface coating material that can be applied as glossy or matt.

Surface Coating Processes

More quality printing products can be obtained with surface coating processes to be made after printing. In order to make the printing processes better and long lasting, the surface coating processes are referred to as lamination in printing. Lamination is also the process of coating the paper surface using protective material. Surface finishing materials are varnish, cellophane and lacquer materials. According to the coating process to be made, better quality prints can be obtained with the coating materials to be applied as matte, semi-matte or glossy. Printed materials, which can last for many years with successful surface coating works, also reach a better quality appearance.

Matt Laminate

This is a level completion to your printed products, that gives it that “matt” impact. It is all the more usually utilized for corporate printing – ie huge expert organizations who are searching for an unpretentious yet in vogue finish to their print.

Matt Laminate finish is useful for Business Cards, Folders, Brochures and Menus as it’s entirely strong and quits splitting and stamping, along these lines giving a more extended life expectancy to your print.

Gloss Laminate

This is a reflexive completion to your print, and can regularly make the print look more attractive and stand apart with this sort of finish. It is ordinarily utilized on A6 flyers, and is frequently preferred by those in the dance club/occasions industry.

The other primary advantage for utilizing Gloss Lam is that it forestalls with the stamping and breaking on the print, again giving a more drawn out life expectancy to your print.

Velvet Laminate

We are currently acquainting Velvet Laminate get done with print, which is interesting and isn’t being utilized ordinarily inside the business yet. It adds another dynamic to your completed item (ie Business Cards) with its velvet touch surface. This truly is a tasteful very good quality completion.

It very well may be utilized no matter how you look at it for Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Leaflets, Menus.