Printing products are obtained by applying specially prepared designs on materials such as paper, plastic or metal. In order for the printing process to take place without any problems, the design must be in a format suitable for printing and provide some design requirements. Therefore, when preparing a design for a printing product, you should take care that your design meets the following conditions.

Do your color choices match the print type of the product?

There are different product groups on our site where CMYK or Pantone colors can be used. Depending on which ‘Print Color’ the printing product you ordered will be printed, you should prepare your design using these colors. For example, if you are ordering a Business Card or Flyer, you should prepare your design with CMYK colors. You can view which colors you should use for the design of the products by downloading the templates on each product’s own page.

Is your design in a safe area?

There are 3 different areas you should know when preparing your design for printing products. Bleed; This is the 3 mm frame area located outside of the design. This area is the part of the paper that will be cut after printing, and therefore this area should be added in addition to the size of the product design. For example; If the product size is 210 x 148 mm, the design should be 216 x 154 mm with the bleed. The area outside the 5 mm wide area from the cut line to the inside creates a safe area. That is, no logo or text should be placed within the 5 mm area after the cut line after the bleed.

Are Images High Definition?

All kinds of visuals that you will use in your design must be in high resolution or vector format. Otherwise, the printing of your products will be of poor quality or you will be asked to upload a new design by refusing your design. Although your designs may vary depending on the size of the product, it is generally recommended to prepare with a resolution of 300 dpi.