Leaflet; is a promotional material with remarkable and memorable elements, prepared for the purpose of promoting a business, with short explanatory texts, photos of the business to be promoted. It is prepared to introduce and advertise a business itself, the product it produces or the service it provides. Prepared leaflets are distributed to the audience who are asked to be informed about this promotion. This distribution process can be either by mail or by hand distribution.

Leaflets are promotional tools that we encounter in many areas and they can be very effective in the short term. However, an effective leaflet design should be carried out as it will be disposed of after a short review so keep it in mind. Leaflets can be related to restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools, municipalities or a concert promotion. It can be designed in different sizes according to the need, but it is usually designed in A4 size.

For an Effective Leaflet Design

A good research must be done to design an effective leaflet. The requests of the customer requesting the leaflet should be listened to and should be understood well. If the business has address information, phone information, different contact information should be taken completely. Afterwards, all the information and data that may be required should be obtained while preparing the leaflet by asking the right questions to the business requesting the leaflet. An accurate analysis should be carried out and a comprehensive research should be conducted.

The most accurate leaflet work should be started by exchanging ideas with the business that will use the leaflet. Successful leaflets can be created with the right analysis, the right solution suggestions and the right interaction. All the information obtained should take its place in the draft leaflet with the most accurate and clear language.

The text to be found on the leaflet should definitely comply with the spelling rules. It will get negative points in terms of writing effectiveness written without paying attention to spelling rules. Therefore, it is very important to prepare the text in accordance with the spelling rules.

It should not forget the fact that an effective leaflet is a very good advertising tool. For this reason, due care should be taken when leaflet work is being done. It is also extremely important to work with competent people. First, research the graphic designer who will design the leaflet. You can start by examining the leaflets he made before or researching how effective those leaflets are. After choosing the right graphic designer, the graphic designer can design leaflets that can be very effective. As well as your leaflet printing designs, the printing business that you will print them is also very important. If both the printing and paper quality of the leaflet are not good, your advertisement work will lose its effectiveness.

The Importance of Paper Selection for the Leaflet

There are many points to consider for an effective leaflet. One of them is paper selection. If the appropriate paper selection cannot be made in the leaflet, the designed leaflet cannot realize the targeted promotion. Like the grams of papers, the type, texture and ink sensitivities also differ. In order for all these features to reach the purpose of the leaflet, their choices must be made correctly. If the leaflet to be made will have a high number of folds, it should be selected that the paper weight is low and not too thick. Otherwise, it will damage the inner part of the leaflet, especially since the folds will swell. This prevents you from obtaining an effective leaflet.

Preparing leaflets is really important and must be taken seriously. Because the better the designed leaflet, the more effective it will be. A well-designed leaflet serves its purpose and returns to companies as a commercial gain. Another important matter about the weight and thickness of the paper is the texture of the paper. Choosing a paper with a rough texture on the surface should not be preferred as it may cause problems during printing. By preferring papers with a more flat surface, it helps to absorb the paint well.

It is useful to do research before choosing paper. You can examine the catalogs related to papers and examine the leaflets that have been previously printed. In this way, you can choose the right paper.

The Importance of the Structure of the Leaflet

Although leaflets do not have a fixed structure, they are generally designed in A4 size, with 1 or 2 folds. Besides the A4 size, the A5 size is the most commonly used size. One side of this single page is designed as a promotion and the other is designed as a poster. While the leaflets are being prepared, first of all, taking a paper and manually folding and observing it can help to reveal clearer ideas. Visuality is extremely important in the leaflet prepared. It is extremely important that an effective image is used especially in the cover part. Since it will be remarkable, it also helps to attract the leaflet.

Leaflets with an effective selection of visual elements provide much more effective results. If any leaflet related to the sector will be prepared, visuals should be used accordingly. If the visual is not chosen correctly, the leaflet we have prepared cannot reach the desired success. Another element that should be in the leaflet is the use of the business’s logo. Increases persistence. In addition, it is extremely important that the colors to be used are compatible with the concept and the business. With the use of harmonious and evocative colors and the use of sufficient visual elements, the information about the business being promoted should be given in a short and clear and complete manner so that it can serve the purpose of the leaflet.

How to Prepare a Leaflet?

Preparation of seasonal leaflets is important in preparing effective leaflets. The fact that a designed leaflet is used at long intervals should not be preferred, as it will be outdated. Leaflets prepared periodically will provide more effective results as they will contain up-to-date information. Therefore, it is very important that leaflets are prepared for a period rather than long term. A good graphic designer also prefers to make periodical leaflets. Because the works and features, contact information or features of the outdated leaflets may change over time. Therefore, since the information in the leaflet will be outdated, the part of the leaflet that has not been prepared for the period will be wrong. No graphic designer would like a signature under a leaflet design that failed. No business wants a failed result. That is why graphic designers also prefer to make up-to-date, periodical leaflets.

To summarize an effective leaflet, an accurate research process is required. First of all, graphic designers who will make the leaflet work of the business officials should be investigated. It is possible to make a selection considering the previous leaflet studies. Or a selection can be made taking into account their references. After selecting the graphic designer who will carry out the study, the requests of the graphic designer for the business or the business should be listened to. The requests of the business to be studied should be analyzed well. Different solutions should be proposed for the business. Ideas and solution suggestions should be blended to achieve the most accurate results.

Business’s logo, address, contact information etc. text preparations that will be used for the leaflet should start. It is extremely important to use spelling rules correctly. In addition to the spelling rules, the sentences to be chosen must be quite effective and whatever is meant to be explained should be written completely. Even if it has been read once, it should be memorable so that the resulting leaflet has achieved its purpose. It is extremely important in the visual elements that will be used as much as the text to be revealed. The selection and use of colors that are suitable for the business is also effective in making leaflets effective. It is a fact that it should not be forgotten that designing an effective leaflet means winning a very good advertising tool.

What should be considered while preparing leaflet?

Another important factor is that the leaflets contain up-to-date information. In order to have a leaflet with up-to-date information, it is useful to replace the leaflets from time to time. It is also important that the paper selection is correct in order not to have any problems in the work to be done. Using thin, light, smooth surface papers instead of very thick, heavy, rough papers will give you an advantage both in terms of cost and to avoid possible problems in printing.

Leaflet sizes are generally designed to have two or three sides in A4 size. Of course, these choices may differ according to the characteristics of the studies to be conducted. The high resolution of the visual elements to be used also prevents you to encounter a problem in the printing press. If the visual items you have are not sufficient in terms of resolution, high resolution visual items should be purchased through paid sites. All these works will be a very effective leaflet in hand if necessary care is taken. Thanks to this effective leaflet, you will easily reach your goal.