Businesses need to print photos, banners, A2 poster, or billboards from a print shop. They use borderless printing for getting the best result. This type of printing requires a special printer having such an option.

What is borderless printing?

Borderless printing is often referred to as full-bleed printing. This type of printing ink is applied to the entire surface of the paper leaving no unprinted margins. It is used for printing huge graphics like those that you see on billboards. Graphics are printed without any white margin on the sides.

Tips for borderless printing

For borderless printing, you should let the printer driver software expand the size of the image to fit the paper properly. This may result in small image loss, but if it’s not a problem then this is the simplest way to getting a borderless print. To apply this method, your image size must be similar to the output size as you will only be able to expand the image by 2%.

Another option is to magnify the image in the application. Many printer drivers allow you to adjust the ‘expansion’ and ‘extension’ options in the printer settings. This will solve your printing size issues. If the image is smaller than the actual output, then you can use the ‘auto-fit’ option on your printer. In this case, you will get cut off edges. To prevent this, you must disable this option.

An important thing you have to remember for borderless printing is that if you are printing from a program having margins, then you need to set the margins to zero before printing. Otherwise, you won’t get borderless printing.

Paper size

You should use A2 poster printing to get a high resolution and best finish. For poster printing, A2 printing is ideal as it will make all your graphics and photos more visible. For advertising purposes, A2 printing is the best choice. If you want to print for a billboard, then you need to choose a larger paper size.

Borderless printing makes it easy to frame the photos. You don’t need to trim the photos. For A2 printing, this is the best option. You need to have a special printer for borderless printing. Alternatively, you can go to a print shop to print. If you go to a print shop, you can also get help for resizing your image if necessary before printing. So, for professional quality A2 poster or other things, going to a print shop for borderless printing is the best option.