A Business card will represent your business. It is a simple yet very important tool for branding. A nice business card will have a lasting impression on people’s minds. It is an easy way to tell people you meet about your business. The contact information present in the business card allows people to call you back. So, designing an attractive business card is crucial for branding. Here are some tips for designing a good business card.

Folded business card


Due to the modern printing technique of die-cutting, you can choose any shape for your business card. It doesn’t have to be rectangular. Many business cards today have round edges that give them friendlier representation. You can also choose shapes based on your product or any mascot.


The size of the business card can vary. The North American standard size is 3.5 X 2 in. The standard card size can vary from one country to another. But you can have your custom size as well by talking go print shops like York.

Logo and graphics

Your company logo should be visible. You should choose colors carefully. You can add extra graphics also. As you can print text and pictures on both sides of the business card, some people prefer having just the logo on one side and the contact information on the other. But you can do things differently according to your preference also.


You should add the text to the card. The card must have your name, company name, job title, contact information, website, and social media link. You should select a font size that is readable. Size 8 is standard, but you can vary the size. The type of font should be selected and you must ensure that the font is readable.

Square business card

Special finishes

The cards can have special finishes like embossing, letterpress, foil stamping, and other effects. These finishes give the business card a stylish look and feel. York print shop can give these effects.

For business card printing, you should find a good printing shop like a York print shop. They will ensure that your design and printing comes out just as expected. They will review the work several times before the design is finally confirmed. They will recommend you special paper and finishes to make your business card more attractive. You should let a professional designer design the business card. As a business card is something you will be using all the time to improve brand image, it should be considered as a good investment.