When you want to print a document, you can either go for monochrome printing or colored printing. In monochrome printing, everything will be black and white; and in colored printing, you will get the real color of the images, photos, charts, and tables. The same is true for photocopying. You can have either mono and color copy. The choice depends on your need and budget.

Why color copy is more expensive?

For printing monochrome copy, you can use a normal laser printer. The black-and-white or monochrome printers are less expensive. A colored laser printer, on the other hand, is more expensive. So, colored printing will naturally be more expensive than monochrome printing.

One cartridge is used in the case of a monochrome laser printer. But the colored laser printers use four cartridges: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. So, the cost per page becomes more. It is also required to replace the components of the colored printer more frequently than the monochrome printers. That’s why colored printing is so expensive.

It is the same case for colored photocopying services. As colored photocopier is needed to make colored copies, Like the colored printer, colored photocopiers also need four toners compared to one in case of the monochrome photocopiers. That’s why colored photocopies are also more expensive than mono copies. The good thing about colored printers and photocopiers is that you can also do mono print and copy if you want to. So, these machines are more versatile. In the printout shop near me, there are good printers for color and mono printing services.



Monochrome printing and photocopying are needed mostly in case of office works. For educational purposes also these are helpful. But if you have a special report to submit, then you can consider doing colored printing. To get a photocopy of important documents like a passport or license, it is better to get a colored copy. If you have to print or photocopy images then also you should use the colored printing or photocopying. There is a printout shop near me that provides both printing services and photocopying services. I prefer printing to form the printout shop near me because they are cheaper.

If you want to print any document, then you should go to a local print store and get their printing services and photocopying services. If they have good machines and papers, then you will get excellent quality printouts and photocopies.